Art Gallery 360 of Northeastern University

Art Gallery 360 of Northeastern University

viejo-balcón-machicao     Gallery 360 is a place full of artistic atmosphere; it displays many creative and diversified contemporary artworks by Northeastern students and faculties all year round. The gallery is located on the aisle of the second floor, which between the Curry Student Center and the Ell Building. Visitors may find it easily, taking stairs to the second floor of the Curry Student Center. The gallery opens from 10 am to 7 pm, Monday through Saturday (Northeastern University Creates, 2007, para.3). Upon entering the art world, the iridescent and colorful paintings that are hanging on the corridor wall will be the most eye-catching works; and then, through the pellucid glass wall, the main gallery brings some unique sculptures with profound meanings to all visitors.

“Alive, The Legacy”, which is one of the themes of the current art exhibition, painted by the members of the Latino Cultural Organization. According to Gallery 360 official website, those artists express an extremely deep “connection” with “their ancestral past” and present with contemporary way (2012, para.5). As showing in the main gallery, the “Twenty Seven Figures and a Warthog” is another theme. All 27 exquisite sculptures were carved out of wood, reflecting the “primitive” part of human natural instincts (2012b, para.3).

However, some people may think most of the paintings seem to be abstract or hard to understand. For instance, the oil painting, called “Duality”, is composed of geometrical lines and dark colors; the monochromatic oil painting “Ancestors on Ochres” has a highly simple composition. But they will completely change their mind until they get a glimpse of the biggest, gorgeous color painting- “Shared Corner”.

There are two aspects of “Shared Corner” that is worth people to explore. Firstly, this is in stark contrast to other works, not only because it has the biggest size but also because it represents a scene of historical reality. The artist, Persi Narvaez, used smooth and flowing strokes to deliver a sense of history. Every pillar or eave embodies the corner has gone through many changes and fixes. Secondly, in some cases, the artist used his painting brush, putting all color blocks together just as working on a puzzle. Some pieces of the puzzle are rounded, some are quadrate; but when Persi Narvaez put them together, all pieces of the puzzle became a marvelous artwork. Persi Narvaez has shown his great passion about color to everyone and the longing for a real and simple life.

To put it briefly, the gallery collects many outstanding artworks that created by  local artists. The enlightening art exhibit that on display at the gallery welcomes everyone who is interested in contemporary painting and sculpture.


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